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3 Tips for Helping Students Master Functional Technology Skills

Technology can be a powerful tool in any classroom. For this to be true, educators must teach students meaningful ways to operate and apply technology throughout their learning. Without a purposeful use of technology, students gain little from their experience. Student success relies on the ability to understand how and why technologies are applied in varying scenarios. In this article, we provide educators three important tips to help students master functional technology skills

Tip 1. Focus on Results, Not Applications

Technology can either be an enhancement or a distraction for student learning, which is why it is important to focus on results and not applications. As an educator, one must consider how, when, and why technology is implemented within the classroom. Though it may be tempting to use every new technology tool available, allow the lesson outcome or learning goal to guide technology use. This process enhances student engagement by reducing opportunities for distraction

Tip 2. Facilitate Discussions

Classroom discussions can be a meaningful way for students to learn about technology from one another. Through active listening, students are exposed to new ideas or perspectives surrounding technology. This may prompt students to reflect on their operational use of technologies for future improvement. Discussions may also prompt students to consider new or existing ways of applying technology.

Tip 3. Model the Process

Modeling technology use for your students is an effective way to teach them ways to operate complex technologies. Modeling could be useful for asking students to create book trailers or video presentations. This type of content creation requires the multi-step operational knowledge of video development technology tools. Modeling the process for creating a book trailer or video presentation using a video development technology tool is helpful for students to understand the operational process.

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